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CME Quiz Information:

This information is provided as a service to those personnel operating under the Medical Direction of DocJC.

There are many computer and on-line based educational testing software packages available.
They range greatly in capability and price.
The program presently being used was originally written in Italian.
DocJC has control over the questions and answers, however the structure of the quiz is fixed.

The component which e-mails answer sheets is undergoing constant testing and revision.
It's functionality is highly dependant upon the test taker's computer, operating system, and internet connection.

To obtain CME credit:
PRINT out a hard copy of your Results Summary Screen, and provide both it, along with a copy of the CME Evaluation Form, to DocJC.
Submission must be within one week of completing the topic.

A passing score of at least 70% is required in order to obtain CME credit.

CME Credit may be obtained once every two calendar years for each topic.

DocJC reserves the right to grant / refuse CME credit on an individual basis.

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